Daniel Gonzales

Voice Actor and Shout Caster

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I’m Daniel Gonzales, a voice actor and shoutcaster from Washington DC. I’m pretty lucky to get to do what I do. Feel free to check out my voice acting, shoutcasting, or even some of my travels.

Voice Acting

I started with a capella in college and have slowly found a niche in voice acting.


I mainly shoutcast for league of legends, but you may have seen me shoutcast other games at PAX. I love competition and will bring the hype the audience wants to any game.


My job has led me to some pretty awesome places and I like to document them. This is more of a personal blog, but feel free to check it out.

Recognize any of these?

Here are some demos I prepared that got me into the industry.

Shoutcasting Highlights

Here are some of my shoutcasting career highlights

Commercial Reel

You may have heard me over the radio before.

Single Match Highlights

Here’s a full LoL game I casted in Oct 2016.


Lets Talk

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